How Do I Choose the Best Convection Bread Maker?

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In order to choose the best convection bread maker, you should consider what kind of bread you want to make with it, what extra settings you want it to have, and what you want it to look like. Convection bread makers can make several different types of bread and can also accommodate loaves of different sizes, so make sure you know what your needs are when looking at these options. They often come with a variety of extra features, so that should be your next area to consider. The last variable is how your bread maker will actually look, especially if you plan to leave it in a visible place in your home.

Many convection bread makers come with preset cooking cycles and recipes for specific types of bread. If there is a certain kind of bread that you would like to make often, it could be beneficial to find a convection bread maker that has a preset option for that type of bread. If you aren't sure what you want to make or if you want to be able to have lots of options, a bread maker with many different settings might be best for you. Besides settings for the specific type of bread you are making, look at available settings such as crust color and jam cooking.

An additional feature to look for might be signals for changes in the cooking cycle or for when it is time to add extra ingredients. A machine might even have an ingredient dispenser that will automatically add an item like fruit or raisins to the dough at exactly the right time. Another common feature is a delay start button that allows you to leave dough in the machine and have it start cooking at a specific time. This can be helpful if you want fresh bread done when you come home from work so that it is ready to have with dinner. Many bread makers also have a viewing window on the top so that you can see the bread as it is cooking.

The last thing to consider is what your convection bread maker looks like and how big it is. If you want to be able to make large loaves of bread, make sure you get a bread maker that will accommodate them, but if space is an issue for you, a smaller version may be more practical. Bread makers come in several different colors, so think about where you are going to store yours and whether the color is important to you. If it will be left out on a counter most of the time, you might enjoy one with a finish that matches the rest of your appliances.


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