How do I Choose the Best Contemporary Faucets?

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When choosing the best contemporary faucets for your home, look for clean lines and fresh design. Anything sleek and innovative is likely to give your bathroom or kitchen the contemporary makeover you desire. You may want to select a single-handled contemporary faucet or a vessel model.

Vessel faucets can be both fun and highly innovative, as they allow water to be viewed from the traditionally closed upper tap section. Having vessel contemporary faucets in your home can create a waterfall-like effect since the cut-away tap style lets more water flow outward. Since the flow of the water is increased, the sound is also, so be sure you will enjoy this difference before deciding on this type of faucet.

Don't be afraid to be creative if you do choose the vessel style of faucet. If hammered copper would suit your kitchen better than the traditional stainless steel, it could add a sense of natural warmth to the space. If your bathroom is ultra-contemporary and is gleaming in the latest glass and steel fixtures, choosing contemporary faucets in this same sort of look can be a good idea. For example, rather than featuring just a cutout upper tap, some contemporary faucet styles have innovative glass pieces attached.


Single-handled faucet styles are another possibility if you want a contemporary look. The water and temperature control aren't as easy to adjust as with more traditional, two-handled models, but many people with contemporary homes are willing to forgo this for a cleaner, neater style which may also give a faster water flow. If you're not sure if single-handled contemporary faucets are what you'd prefer, look for a distributor with working demonstrator models or try these styles at friends' or neighbors' homes.

Whatever faucet handle type you end up choosing, it's best not to pick ones with a lot of detail. Contemporary faucets should appear elegant, yet uncluttered. If you want to keep a contemporary look in your bathroom or kitchen, but need more style, consider a dramatically shaped model such as a goose neck or an unusual finish such as matte black.

Choosing faucets for your contemporary home can be a fun and easy experience if you consider your options before making your final choice. Look for products from brand name faucet manufacturers that offer a warranty or guarantee. Ease of installation is another consideration you should make when picking out contemporary faucets.



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