How do I Choose the Best Consulting Firm Jobs?

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Many people dream of making the transition from regular salaried positions to highly compensated consulting firm jobs. These positions are available in a wide range of fields, ranging from engineering to accounting. The very best consulting firm jobs provide a combination of challenge, learning, compensation, and travel. The ideal combination allows for a healthy work-life balance and an interesting work environment.

In order to qualify for consulting firm jobs, candidates should have a minimum university degree in a professional field. Depending on the field or discipline, many consultants complete a master’s degree program, either in business or in their original field of study. The purpose of this additional training is to obtain the background required for high-profile clients or assignments.

Post-graduation experience is a requirement for most consulting jobs, and the number of years required varies by field and by consulting firm. On average, most firms require three to five years of working experience to qualify for the most junior consulting firm jobs. It is often more beneficial to gain additional work experience in industry before looking for a consulting firm position. The extra experience will result in more interesting assignments and better compensation. The best consulting firms have a thorough background checking procedure and may require multiple interviews and references before making an employment offer.


The challenge in consulting firm jobs comes from the types of assignments. Working on a complex project or with a difficult client can be frustrating but highly rewarding. Through these types of challenges, the consultant gains new skills and increases the quality of his or her work performance. Assignments that are routine and standard quickly become both boring and frustrating.

Most consulting firms offer paid training programs in the latest software or technology to their consultants. These training opportunities are essential to staying current and in demand. The best consulting firm jobs include a minimum annual training budget, with access to a range of training programs, both on-site and off-site.

As a rule, consulting jobs are well compensated. However, this is in comparison to salaried positions in a stable industry. It is important to remember that part of the consultant compensation is to cover the periods when there is no work. Review the compensation contract with care to determine if you are considered an employee or contractor. There are pros and cons to both options, but it is important to know which category you are in so you can plan accordingly.

Travel is a large component for the vast majority of consulting firm jobs. The consultant is expected to travel to the client’s location, work, and then return. Negotiate to include a clause for a specific number of weekends home per month or additional compensation. Most consultants include a request to arrange work assignments for a Sunday night flight in and a Friday afternoon flight out.



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