How do I Choose the Best Concrete Floor Repair?

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No matter how hard a concrete finisher tries to smooth a slab or floor, there are always going to be imperfections. Some of them are minor and can be fixed by the homeowner or contractor. Others will need to be repaired by a professional to prevent further damage, and so carpet, hardwood, tiles, and other flooring can be laid without an altered appearance. Finding the best concrete floor repair requires just a little research on the owner’s part, as well as patience in searching out the best man for the job.

In finding the best concrete floor repair for the job at hand, it is first necessary to figure out what kind of job that actually is. Are there actual holes or divots in the floor? Is any area cracking or crumbling? If it is believed that the problems are due to poor workmanship by the original concrete finisher, it may be best to call him first and request that he fix the problem. If the issues are due to wear and tear or natural occurring imperfections resulting from the drying process or construction during the setting process; hiring a professional concrete repair person is the best bet.


You should start by looking in the yellow pages or online to find the best concrete floor repair. There will probably be several numbers listed, and it is important to call multiple businesses from the list in order to shop around and come away with the best deal. The owner or supervisor should be able and willing to give information on the company’s work history and rates. Anyone who seems aloof or uncertain on a price range based on the job, observed during an initial inspection, should be avoided.

Homeowners should also feel free to request references. References are previous customers who can provide valuable insight into the company’s work, prices, and overall experience. This is an important step in finding the best concrete floor repair person because most customers are only too happy to complain if a job is done incorrectly or they receive poor service in any way.

Any company who refuses to comply to the request for references or price quote is not the best concrete repair person for the job. That said, if everything checks out and the references give a good report, it may be safe to move forward. If at any time during the course of the work being done it is decided that the company being used is not the best concrete floor repair person for the project, it should be understood that all work will be paid for up until that point. At which time, the client is free to pursue another company to finish the work.



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