How do I Choose the Best Concrete Floor Epoxy?

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To choose the best concrete floor epoxy, consumers should select a product that is moisture resistant, penetrating, water based, and contains a non-skid agent. These characteristics allow the chemicals to be absorbed into the upper layers of the concrete and form a permanent bond with the surface. This prevents future damage, like chipping and peeling, and preserves the look of the product for many years. It also makes the surface safe to walk on without causing fear of slipping.

Epoxy is a hardening material that is a combination of two separate chemicals. The first is a sealant that bonds to the base surface and fills in any porous holes that may be present. This prevents air bubbles from forming and becoming trapped in the second layer. Following the sealant, a top coat is applied which hardens to form a plastic-like barrier that protects the surface beneath.

Concrete floor epoxy should primarily be moisture resistant. Most concrete surfaces are laid directly over a dirt sub-floor or combination sand and gravel sub-surface. These materials tend to trap and hold water against the underside of the concrete. Concrete is also a naturally porous substance and can quickly absorb that water. Epoxy products which are not water resistant will become damaged and cracked as water seeps beneath them, and can cause water droplets and mildew to form in unattractive clumps underneath the hardened resin.


Most concrete floor areas, like garages, patios, and basements, tend to receive a large amount of foot traffic and heavy wear. The best type of product to protect these surfaces while withstanding high levels of stress is one that bonds with the actual concrete. Epoxy paint and epoxy stain merely create a barrier that rests on top of the concrete. Over time the product will show scratches and will eventually begin to peel and fleck with use. A penetrating concrete floor epoxy can soak into the pours in the upper layers of the concrete itself to prevent this type of damage.

Water based concrete floor epoxy is the best type of chemical for do-it-yourself homeowners to apply. It is easy to apply and contains less toxic chemicals than solvent based epoxy so that it is safer and creates fewer breathable toxins in the air. This type of product is just as durable as the solvent based type and can withstand any level of traffic.

Epoxy can dry to a hard, glossy finish. This slick surface is beautiful to look at, easy to clean, and can be dangerous to walk on when wet. Consumers who will be coating an area that will be exposed to a large amount of foot traffic may wish to select a product with a non-skid agent. This additional compound is slightly gritty and can make these surfaces safe to walk on, regardless of their condition.



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