How do I Choose the Best Computer Seminar?

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Choosing the best computer seminar first requires deciding what you want to learn. There are a wide variety of seminars available which offer a considerable range of topics and skill-levels. It is also important to consider the level of expertise and experience of those conducting the seminar, although most places who offer seminars come highly qualified.

The majority of those looking for a computer seminar fall under the umbrella of beginners seeking to gain a basic knowledge of computers and the Internet. The best and easiest place to look for these types of seminars is at a local college. Many colleges or universities offer inexpensive seminars or classes that introduce the basics of how a computer works, how to check email, and how to do an Internet search. For most people, this is the best place to start a search for the best computer seminar.

For those who are more advanced and may be seeking seminars on more specialized training, local colleges and universities are often the best source. Companies may offer training seminars related to their product as well, and may also offer certification. Many people who are highly trained or specialized know the best places for a seminar, and if you know one of those people, they may be able to offer a recommendation.


Many computer stores and specialized training centers offer similar seminars at competitive prices. One advantage of a specialized computer store or training center is they typically have a wider variety of computer seminar schedules and more availability. They often offer more training materials as well as a payment plan, which schools don’t always offer.

For those who are a bit more computer savvy, seminars are available online through online seminars, called webinars. Even if you only have basic experience, this may be an option for you if you are not near a school or specialized training center. If using a computer is not an option, some places offer a computer seminars over the telephone, although this is not ideal for beginners.

The best way to choose a computer seminar is to investigate several options. Write down a list of what you want to learn, the time you have available, the price you are willing or able to pay, and contact several colleges and specialized training centers. If possible, talk to an instructor and ask them any questions you have. Question other students and check for reviews of the seminars. Being prepared will allow you to get the most out of the experience.



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