How Do I Choose the Best Computer Repair Courses?

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Computer repair courses can be part of a certificate or degree program or may come as standalone courses. They are widely available in physical locations and on the Internet and usually teach you how to build, upgrade and configure desktop and laptop computers. Many courses also introduce you to basic computer networking, printers and security. Most courses let you work on real or virtual equipment and may culminate in a technical certification examination. When you choose the best computer repair courses, you may want to consider the program's structure and credentials, its amount of hands-on experience, its suggested experience level and the included technical content of the courses.

An important factor to consider is the type of program that includes the computer repair courses. Some computer repair job listings specify a college degree as a requirement, so you may want to choose a degree program that includes computer repair courses. If you already have a degree in some other field, you may consider a certificate program that includes multiple courses in computer repair, networking and support. If you do not need or want a degree, you may want to consider a program that prepares you for an industry certification exam related to computer repair and support. Some degree and certificate programs include a course that prepares for you a certification exam and may count the exam as a course, as well.


If you are a complete beginner, the best computer repair course for you will be one that assumes no prior knowledge of computer repair or networking. Introductory computer repair classes may first introduce you to the parts of a computer and explain how the parts work together. After you learn this content, the program might move on to actual computer repair and configuration. Advanced users may prefer to take courses that skip the theory and teach them how to plan, install and configure a system.

When you sign up for computer repair courses, it is critical to find a program that lets you work hands-on with computer hardware and software. If you take your courses at a physical location, you will likely get to work in a computer lab where you can assemble and upgrade computers. Online learning may or may not include virtual laboratories, but you still can purchase an old computer to take apart and rebuild. If your course does not provide laboratory assignments, you can purchase a computer repair guide or obtain instructions online to get more practice.



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