How do I Choose the Best Commercial Treadmill?

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If you want a heavy-duty treadmill like the kind most gyms have, it is time to invest in a commercial treadmill. Due to their durability and extra features, they are usually more expensive than typical home gym equipment, which means that you should consider a few points before you make the commitment. Whether you own a gym and need new equipment or just want the best for your home gym, some points you should pay attention to include the frame, the belt, the control system, and extra features.

One of the most important components of a good commercial treadmill is the frame, as it should be sturdy. Plain aluminum frames that are held together with glue or even large bolts are not usually able to withstand heavy use for very long. Therefore, if you plan on the equipment getting used daily or by multiple people, look for commercial treadmills that have a steel frame with welded parts so that they do not come crashing down shortly after purchase.


The belt of a commercial treadmill is one of the main features, as this has the most contact with users. The deck under the belt should feel sturdy and be able to withstand a lot of weight, and the belt itself should be low maintenance. A squeaky belt that often requires oil to stay quiet is not very useful for most users, especially since many people like to watch television or listen to music while working out. An overly noisy commercial treadmill can get in the way of such a routine.

You should also consider the control system. First of all, make sure it includes an emergency shutoff switch to stop the treadmill immediately. You should also pick a commercial treadmill that starts slowly and then also stops gradually when the user is done; sudden jerky starts and stops can cause injury. Find out if there are specific programs for users, such as those that target fat burn, cardio, or general weight loss, to name the most common options. Additionally, a commercial treadmill that inclines is often popular so that users can make their workout a bit more of a challenge by walking or running uphill as they see fit.

A quality commercial treadmill should also have some extra options included. For example, some of the most popular kinds include cup holders and other snug areas for users to put their water bottles and mp3 players. A heart rate monitor is another feature that is helpful to have, as it allows users to determine their level of exertion while working out.



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