How Do I Choose the Best Colored Hair Gel?

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Colored hair gel provides a temporary way to try new hair colors and is commonly used for holidays, concerts and, sometimes, everyday use. It comes in both natural and bright shades, and you also can use multiple colors throughout your hair, if desired. In addition to adding color to your hair, many gels provide hold for hairstyles and give you various styling options. To choose the best colored hair gel, you should consider what colors are available, how long the color lasts, how easily you can remove the color and how strong the gel is.

When choosing a colored hair gel, it's important to find a brand that offers shades that will show up properly on your hair. Although various brands have similar shades, the intensity does vary and has an effect on how well your hair will hold the color. If you have light hair, you usually won't have problems with most shades, as long as they are darker than your current color. Those with dark brown or black hair should look for colors that are bright enough to be visible on your hair, and you should check the product's label for any information indicating that the color shows up well on darker hair colors.


Although colored hair gel is temporary, you still need to consider how long the product will last on your hair. Most gels last until you wash your hair, but some can be more difficult to remove than others and may require multiple shampoos to completely eliminate the color. If you use a dark color on blonde or bleached hair, there is a risk that the color will stain your hair and not completely wash out. Some manufacturers put a warning on the item's label recommending that you not use certain colors on light hair, so it's important to check for this information before purchasing a colored hair gel.

Some of the colored hair gel varieties on the market also provide hold for hairstyles, you also should consider how strong the gel is. If your primary desire is to temporarily color your hair, you should find a gel that provides vibrant color but doesn't make your hair too hard. Some brands that are intended for use with spiked hairstyles can make your hair very inflexible and may even cause damage if you use them too much. To add color and style your hair, it may be best to find a gel that provides a light or medium hold.



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