How Do I Choose the Best Coffee Cake Mix?

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When choosing the best coffee cake mix, it is important to assess all of your needs and requirements. There are dozens of different kinds of mixes on the market, so narrowing down the choices is key. Consider your dietary needs first, meaning the mix should not contain any allergens or ingredients that could irritate existing health conditions. The second thing to consider is flavor, since there are dozens of flavors of coffee cake mix available and some of them may be tastier to you than others. The third thing to consider, especially for foodies, is versatility. Some cooks won’t purchase a mix that can’t be altered or improved.

Dietary needs should typically be your first concern when choosing a coffee cake mix. Many mixes contain nuts, either in the topping pouch or in the cake batter itself. Finding a nut-free mix may be your goal. Others may choose to avoid sugar because of diabetes or other health concerns. You can read the label to see how much sugar is in the mix, if any. Some mixes may contain sucralose instead of sugar, or allow you to add your own sweetener during the baking process.


Gluten-free coffee cake mix may be among the hardest to find, but stores that carry it often stock it with health food items and non-wheat flours. The manufacturers of such products often use almond meal or rice flour instead of wheat. Those with nut allergies should read the label carefully to make sure the flour substitute is acceptable.

The next choice you need to make typically involves flavor. In the past, coffee cake mix only came in one flavor. Today, companies produce coffee cake mix infused with pumpkin, dried cherries, cinnamon, strawberries, and even sweet potatoes. You may want to consider the season when choosing among these flavors. Pumpkin and cinnamon could be a tasty substitute for pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Strawberry coffee cake mix might make a delicious complement to citrus-infused iced tea on a warm summer evening.

Another detail you may want to look for is versatility. Some companies offer suggestions on the box for other ways the mix might be used. Other manufacturers direct consumers to their websites. Possible recipe variations include ice cream coffee cake and coffee cake cookies. If you love to experiment and play with a cake mix, this may be the way to go. Of course, taste is always a factor. If your favorite coffee cake mix doesn’t offer any alternatives on the box, you can always search the grocery store for a cake mix that does. Then, you can simply steal those ideas from the other mix’s website and apply them to your favorite mix.



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