How Do I Choose the Best CNC Machinist Classes?

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CNC machinist classes can prepare you for a job in manufacturing using computer numeric control (CNC) machines, but first you will need to do some research into whether specific certifications are required to secure a job within the field. You will also need to determine if the CNC machinist classes you are considering will prepare you for such certification or even allow you to earn that certificate by taking the course. It also helps to consider tuition or enrollment fees, as these can vary considerably by school. Try to find an affordable school that offers a reputable program.

If the CNC machinist classes are offered at a community or technical college, be sure to visit the campus to take a tour of the facilities. Take note as to whether a wide variety of CNC machines are available for use, as well as whether those machines are using up to date computer systems and software. Most CNC machinist classes will allow you to work on a variety of CNC machines, preparing you for various jobs in the industry, but if the software is out of date or if the machines are not in proper working order, you will not be able to get the practice you need and the skills required for the job.


If you already work for a manufacturing company, be sure to ask your managers or supervisors which CNC machinist classes would be most appropriate for you. It may also help to ask coworkers who may have already gone through such training about their recommendations for the best classes. It is possible to take classes in person at a school, but CNC machinist classes online are also available. This option may be appropriate for students who are capable of self-directed learning without actually having a machine in front of them, but for most candidates, an in-person class is best.

In some manufacturing settings, you may need to be experienced with computer aided drafting (CAD) programs in addition to CNC programming. Find out if the CNC machinist classes you are considering include any training in CAD, as having such skills will make you a more valuable job candidate and will improve your chances of getting hired or moving up within a company. You may have to enroll in a separate CAD course, but as long as this is within your budget, it may be a worthwhile investment.



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