How do I Choose the Best Chimney Company?

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Just as it is important to have the central air system or the heat pump serviced on a regular basis, working chimneys should also be inspected, cleaned, and kept in good working order through regular maintenance. Most homeowners prefer to delegate this responsibility to a professional chimney service that knows how to deal with upkeep, repairs, and any type of chimney problems that may arise. The trick is to find the ideal chimney company for the job.

When beginning your search for a reliable chimney company, it is often a good idea to assess the features of your chimney and fireplace. This will allow you to ask specific questions when interviewing each service you consider for the job. For example, if your fireplace is outfitted with gas jets, you will want a chimney company that knows how to perform maintenance that includes inspection of the lines, especially if they are routed through the brickwork of the chimney. Providing this amount of detail will make it easier for the service to confirm what they are equipped to handle in the way of chimney maintenance, and allow you to decide if they are a good fit for your situation.


One of the best ways to find a potential chimney company is by using your social network to gather possible leads. There is a good chance than among your relatives, friends, and coworkers, you can obtain contact information for various chimney services around town. At the same time, you can often obtain some references from people who have first hand experience with each of those firms. This will also give you an idea of which services are worth contacting, and which ones you may prefer to avoid.

After assembling your list, contact each chimney company and arrange for them to inspect your chimney. Pay close attention to how much time they spend on this inspection. If there is nothing more than a quick glance before providing you with an estimate for maintenance costs or chimney repairs, there is a good chance that estimate is simply general pricing that is quoted to everyone. You may end up paying substantially more once the work is completed. Place services that do business in this manner at the bottom of your list.

As you come across a chimney service that takes time to give your chimney a thorough inspection before submitting a quotation for repairs, service, or new chimney construction, make it a point to get the quote in writing. Firms that want to earn and keep your business have no problem making this sort of commitment, pending the draft of a formal contract. You can also use the notes to evaluate the final text of the agreement before you sign anything, just to make sure there are no hidden fees or other issues that need to be addressed first.



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