How do I Choose the Best Child Custody Law Firms?

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Reputation and experience are two of the most important factors when you are comparing child custody law firms. Researching law firms in your area may help you make the best choice. Learning about the experience, schooling, and reputations of the lawyers at the firms on your list may be revealing as well. Additionally, you may find it easier to make a decision if you arrange free consultations with the child custody law firms you are considering and compare them based on legal fees as well.

To choose the best child custody law firm, you may research firms in your area. You may check into the reputation of each firm by viewing reviews of it online or asking friends and relatives whether they have experience with it. If you’ve used the services of another type of attorney in the past, you may also ask his opinion of the child custody law firms you are considering. The attorney may even provide you with a referral to a respected child custody law firm that is not on your list.

Researching the lawyers who work for the child custody law firms on your list may also help you make a good decision. For example, you may research the years of experience the lawyers have and learn where they went to law school. You may also look for information about these lawyers on peer review websites.


You may also learn a good deal about a child custody law firm by arranging a consultation. Some law firms offer free consultations at which you can explain your case and ask some basic questions. This is a good time to evaluate a law firm based in how well organized it is and how friendly and competent the staff seems. You may also learn which lawyer is most likely to take your case and determine whether you feel comfortable with him. A consultation is also a good time to learn about a firm's philosophy concerning child custody cases, its success rates, and the percentage of its cases that end in full-blown child custody trials.

Legal fees may also influence your decision when you are trying to choose the best child custody law firm. Fees vary from firm to firm, as does the amount of the retainer a lawyer may charge to get started. To narrow the child custody law firms on your list down to just one, you may select the three on your list that meet most of your criteria and then choose the firm that charges the most affordable fees as your final selection.



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