How do I Choose the Best Chewable Acidophilus?

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There are several factors to consider when choosing and using chewable acidophilus supplements, including intended length of use, the company it is purchased from, and how the tablet is to be taken. This dietary supplement is most often used for problems related to the gastrointestinal system, such as diarrhea and other bowel issues. In some cases, it is used to restore regular digestive health after an illness requiring the use of antibiotics for treatment. It has been found that some antibiotics disrupt the normal function of the digestive system, especially for patients sensitive to the medications. As with any herbal or dietary supplement, it is important to consult a doctor before taking acidophilus.

In most cases, chewable acidophilus is taken for a short time only, as opposed to long term or constant use as with other types of dietary supplements. The most common function of acidophilus is to restore the proper balance of healthy bacteria in the intestines and colon of the body. It is believed that once the correct levels have been reached, there is no further need for this supplement until such a time that the problem occurs again. Problems with irritable bowel syndrome or antibiotic use are frequently the causes of friendly bacteria imbalances.


When choosing chewable acidophilus, it is also important to consider the source of the product. Since most dietary supplements are often not regulated by food and drug authorities, there is some discrepancy in the quality of these products. Most medical experts recommend people considering the use of this type of product consult with a pharmacist or other medication professional to determine the correct company to purchase from. Patients can also review company reputations online or with consumer watchdog organizations to ensure the product is safe and effective, and have no additives or impurities.

Another important consideration when selecting chewable acidophilus is how the supplement should be taken. Some tablets are intended to be taken whole with juice, milk, or water, and others are designed to be crushed and sprinkled on food for maximum benefit. Other acidophilus products are to be mixed with a beverage. There does not appear to be any therapeutic difference in the various types of tablets, and the choice is up to the preference of the consumer. Negative side effects are unusual, but if extreme stomach gas, rash, or itching occur it is important to notify a physician as quickly as possible.



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