How Do I Choose the Best Checkbook?

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If you are looking for a new checkbook, then you should consider some of the details that set one book of checks apart from another. One example is the design, because you will need to decide whether you want a stock image or a unique picture added to the checks or just want keep it simple with text. You also need to decide whether to get duplicate or single checks, determining whether you are willing to pay extra for easier recordkeeping. Finally, you should consider the features that some checkbooks include, such as deposit slips, transaction registers and checkbook covers.

Many companies that sell checkbooks have a range of designs from which to choose. You can give your checks a fun appearance by selecting a popular character, animal or landscape, or you can get patriotic by choosing checks that feature your country's flag. You often can customize your checkbook by requesting an image related to your favorite sports team or school, allowing people to get an idea of some of your preferences when you use your checks. Many companies also allow customers to send in their own image, which means you can add a picture of a loved one or a pet, or even your company's logo if you own a business. On the other hand, you may wish to keep it simple, with just text and a background that features a neutral color.


Another detail to consider is whether you want single checks or duplicates. A checkbook with duplicates means that each check has a carbonless copy so each written check automatically has a copy of it to keep in the book. This can help with recordkeeping but, when you choose this option, you can expect to pay more and get fewer checks per box. If you choose single checks, you will not get a copy of each one, but you can usually save some money.

Another consideration is the extra features that come with the checkbooks you are browsing. For instance, many come with deposit tickets and a transaction register, which can help with your banking and recordkeeping needs. You may want to consider how many of these forms you will need before choosing a checkbook, because you may be able to get a batch of checks that come with more deposit slips and transaction registers than others do, though you also can buy more separately if needed. You also should find out if the checkbook you want comes with a cover, as some do, which can help protect your checks. Checkbook covers often come in different colors and designs, and you can usually buy one separately if your checks do not come with one.



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