How Do I Choose the Best Check Cashing Service?

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Check cashing services are businesses that — although they are not banking institutions — allow customers to cash checks. They may also provide services such as cash transfers and bill payment. To choose the best check cashing service, you should locate several possible businesses in your area. Ideally, a check cashing service might be on your route from home to work or in one of your regular shopping districts. After confirming that a business provides the kind of service you need, you should compare the service fees of different businesses.

One great way to find the best check cashing service is to ask for a recommendation from a friend or family member. Find out what experiences your acquaintances have had with customer service representatives. You also might be able to get some detailed information about other services of a check cashing business. For instance, if a check cashing service claims to take payments for electric bills, find out if it is a simple process or if representatives seem confused, causing the process to take too long.


Feeling safe is an important factor to consider when finding a check cashing service. While utilizing this service, you may be required to disclose sensitive information, such as your address, account number, and perhaps even social security number. Research check cashing certification programs and professional associations to discover if a check cashing service you are considering has any professional affiliations. If you do not find any evidence that a check cashing business follows standards and guidelines set by an official organization, you might want to find another business.

If you have a choice of several check cashing services, you can investigate the lengths of customer lines in each. For example, if you pass the same check cashing service day after day on your way home from work, you might be tempted to consider this your first choice. If each time you pass this service, however, you discover that there are long lines of frustrated people, you might benefit from going out of the way a little to find a less crowded service.

Individuals who use check cashing services primarily for paying bills should expect that money is registered quickly by utility companies. Some services may hold payments for several days, leading to delays before payments reache your accounts. You should also be sure that any check cashing service provides you with a receipt that is dated and lists specifically which bill you paid.



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