How do I Choose the Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaner?

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If you want to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner and get the most for your money, check the weekend sales flyers from your local newspapers. Be sure to read the consumer reviews that are generally listed for each product. You can find reviews and vacuum cleaner ratings on the store's website. Choosing the best cheap vacuum cleaner will be made easier if you know what to look for in terms of power and accessories. If you need to clean stairs for instance, be sure and choose one that comes with attachments.

Many times, discount department stores will have special low prices for home cleaning supplies. This will give you the option of choosing from several inexpensive models. In choosing the best cheap vacuum cleaner from a store, don't be afraid to enlist help from a sales associate. Often they can help you find a quality machine that fits your budget.

You can find a second-hand vacuum cleaner at garage sales and flea markets as well. Auction houses may also have some cheap, yet good quality vacuum cleaners that are new. Often you may find listings in the classified section of the newspaper when searching for a decent cheap vacuum cleaner.


As you consider your options, don't forget important features you may need. Suction power is essential, especially if you have plush carpeting or pets. If you have limited mobility or you are elderly, be sure your vacuum cleaner is lightweight and relatively easy to use. Many cheap vacuum cleaners require a bag. This will typically need to be changed regularly. Consider a bagless variety for saving money in the long run.

Buying a cheap vacuum cleaner doesn't always mean compromising quality. Many times you'll find a good sale on a vacuum that features a filter for helping to trap allergens in your home. This is helpful for allergy sufferers as well as individuals with asthma.

When shopping for an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, you must decide whether you prefer an upright or a canister. Many canister models are cheaper and more portable, although some people prefer the power of an upright. A canister vacuum, however, allows for greater maneuverability around tight spaces. An upright vacuum cleaner may be a self-propelled model, and this feature can assist an elderly or frail person greatly.

Don't overlook the possibility of purchasing a refurbished vacuum cleaner if you're looking to save money. Often by visiting the manufacturer's website you may be able to land a good deal on a name-brand product. You may also find mark-downs on returned products at your local discount store. Also check for open-box items that are reduced, as well as display or floor models.



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I couldn't agree more. First the best place to get the best price on a new or used vacuum is always at an independent vacuum dealer, because they have to fix all the stuff the department stores sell so they get price breaks from the companies on the same items.

If you have ever been to a big box store and asked an associate anything about a specialty product they won't know. Bagless vacuum cleaners cost a lot more to operate than a bagged model and trap the dust better (please look up bagless vacuums and allergies to see what I mean). Suction doesn't mean as much as people would think. If you were to suck on a straw and

put your finger on the end of the straw it does not matter how hard you suck. You're going to pass out from not breathing. You need airflow (a good volume of air) to get carpets clean and yes, there are several that are cheap that will work but only for a short period of time that is why they are cheap.

Your thoughts are good, just your facts are confused. As an independent vac dealer for over 20 years I have the facts and can give the proper advice on these items.

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