How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Treadmill?

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The best cheap treadmill will have all the features you need at a very low price. It will also be a size that suits your body type and fits into the area where you wish to use it. To find the best deal, you may have to search long and hard. Second hand equipment may be your best choice, as long as it's in excellent condition.

Before you begin shopping, take a few measurements. First, measure the space where you wish to store the treadmill. This is the maximum height, width, and length that the treadmill can be.

There are many features available on treadmills. Depending on your walking and running style, you may or may not need these options. To begin with, runners needs a higher powered motor, typically 1.5 to 2 continuous horsepower. Walkers, however, can get a satisfactory workout with a small motor. If you're a fast runner, you'll also need a treadmill that can handle your speed.

Many treadmills have programmable courses that change the speed and incline of the track to alternate your workout. They may also have calorie and fat counters to estimate your overall calorie consumption during your workout. If there are other specific features you would like, write them down beside your measurements so that you won't forget to check for these options.


When you've got your measurements and your wish list ready, it's time to shop. Start by searching online to find the brand and model of treadmill that meets your space and size requirements and that has the features on your wish list. Don't skip over one that isn't a cheap treadmill if it has all the features you want. Just make a note of it.

You should also check online and print classified ads for secondhand treadmills. There's a good chance that you can find a more expensive brand at a cheap treadmill price simply because it is no longer new. Of course, you should always see the treadmill in person and make sure that it's in excellent working order before you buy.

If you find a new cheap treadmill that has the features you want at a price that you can afford, it may be worth it to purchase it new rather than to look for a secondhand treadmill of the same model. New treadmills often come with a one or two year warranty. Secondhand treadmills will have no warranty.



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