How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Pajamas?

The term pajamas, or PJs, refers to a pair of pants and a matching top that are worn when sleeping. Most people, however, use the term pajamas loosely, often using it to refer to any type of sleepwear. Some styles and sets of pajamas can be very costly, but it is possible to buy cheap pajamas without sacrificing quality or comfort. Good deals can be found on all sizes of pajamas, including those for men, women, and children. Finding the best cheap pajamas may mean settling for something you like less, comparing costs in several stores, buying "irregular" PJs, browsing the clearance racks, or waiting for a sale.

Sometimes buying cheap pajamas can mean sacrificing quality or design choices, and the better the quality of the pajamas, the more you should expect to pay for them. For example, silk pajamas will usually cost more than cotton pajamas. This is not to say that with persistent shopping you won't find a nice pair of inexpensive silk pajamas. When choosing inexpensive pajamas, however, you may have only a small selection to choose from, and the options regarding design and color may be fewer. For instance, if you are choosing price over design, you may end up with pajamas that are cheap, but not in a color that you like.

When shopping for new PJs, it makes sense to look in several stores for the best deal rather than limiting yourself to the available selection and prices in only one store. Knowing what type of pajamas you are looking for and what they usually cost will help you decide if what you are looking at is a good value. The regular price of pajamas at a discount department store is usually less than you would pay for a similar set at a premium department store.

Cheap pajamas aren't always a bargain, however, as they are sometimes of lesser quality or made with cheaper materials that can pill or wear quickly. Other times, they can be irregular, meaning that there is something wrong with them that keeps them from being sold at the regular price. Irregulars aren't necessarily defective or unwearable. The problem may be something as simple as the pattern on the top having a different orientation than the pattern on the bottoms or some of the stitching being askew. When buying cheap pajamas, it is always a good idea to try them on to make sure that they fit properly and are comfortable.

Looking for sales or using coupons can also help you to save money when buying pajamas, as will shopping from a clearance rack. Many retailers discount seasonal pajamas as the season changes to make room for new merchandise. Often, the stores change the merchandise before the season actually changes, meaning, for example, that you can buy summer pajamas on discount while it is still summer.

Another way of buying cheap pajamas is to watch for sales that offer a free pair at a discount when you buy one pair at the regular price. These special incentives are often called "BOGO" sales. Some BOGO sales are buy-one, get-one free and others are buy-one, get-a-discounted-second sales. Sidewalk sales, store coupons, and retailer reward cards are other ways to save money when buying pajamas. Shopping through online retailers or auctions sites can also result in finding good pajamas at less than retail prices.


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I personally prefer to wear cotton flannel pajamas in winter.

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