How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Ballet Shoes?

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The best way to obtain cheap ballet shoes is to check prices carefully and purchase from one of the online discount ballet shoe companies. That said, fit is the most important factor when buying any ballet shoes, including cheap ones. The first ballet shoe purchase for a beginning dancer should include an in-person fitting at a dance shoe store to determine which brand and shoe fits best. After that, online companies can be a good source of cheap ballet shoes for subsequent purchases. More advanced ballet shoe purchases, like pointe shoes, should always be fitted in person because ill-fitting shoes can cause injury and hamper dance performance.

When buying cheap ballet shoes, materials may affect price. Canvas ballet shoes tend to be cheaper than leather ones. They can be washed when they become soiled and may be dyed to match costumes. Although leather ballet shoes tend to be more expensive than their canvas counterparts, there are affordable exceptions. Leather ballet shoes are also more durable than canvas ballet shoes, though each has its benefits. The final choice is a matter of personal preference.


Ballet shoes are available in either a full sole or split sole, with a split at the arch of the foot. Some dancers prefer the split sole because it allows the foot to arch more fully and looks graceful, while a full sole is more traditional and can lend a little more support to a developing foot. When considering cheap ballet shoes, full sole shoes tend to be a little less expensive.

Pointe shoes are rigid and designed to help the foot balance on the toes. A dancer should purchase pointe shoes only after years of preparation so the foot and muscles are properly developed to meet the demands of dancing on pointe. The prices for pointe ballet shoes tend to be higher than for beginner ballet shoes. The primary concern should be fit and how serious the dancer is. A highly committed dancer should be prepared to spend more for ballet shoes because the more expensive pairs tend to wear better and last longer.

For the most part, discount online shoe sources are excellent options for obtaining cheaper ballet shoes. These outlets continue to grow in popularity with dancers. The quality of these products should be perfectly adequate for most types of dancing, although career ballet dancers will undoubtedly have exacting standards that discount ballet websites may not be able to fulfill.



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@Pippinwhite -- Oh, teacher approval is everything. My teacher wanted pink leather and nothing else. Period. I had some white ones, but nope. Pink and pink only.

I cheaped out on practice slippers for home. Then it doesn't matter if you wear leather, canvas, socks or even go barefoot. You can pretty much pick whatever you like for that.

We could choose between pink and white tights, and either a short sleeved or tank style black leotard. That was as much choice as we got in my classes. She was a great teacher, though.

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While you can go cheaper for regular ballet slippers, I think it bears repeating that a dancer should never, ever "cheap out" on pointe shoes. That could be disastrous for a dancer's feet and even her career. Good pointe shoes are just that important to a dancer.

But, until the day comes when pointe shoes are in the picture, a dancer can usually buy whatever shoes are most comfortable and affordable, as long as they meet with the teacher's approval.

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