How do I Choose the Best Chain Link Fence Supplies?

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The most common and least expensive of the chain link fence supplies available at most hardware stores or fencing supply stores is plain galvanized steel chain links and posts, though other options exist, including colored fencing materials. Some chain link fence supplies come coated with a colored vinyl or polyester that adds more waterproof qualities to the fence, but it is important to research each fence supply carefully, as some chain links are thinner than others, some are not coated as well as others, and some links are set farther apart than others.

Start by deciding if you need galvanized chain link fence supplies — these will look like bare metal parts — or if you want a fence that is coated with vinyl or polyester for color and added protection. If the fence is being erected in a place where aesthetics and security are equally important, choose a coated fence. Such chain link fence supplies can be galvanized — which means the steel materials are coated in zinc to promote water resistance and rust resistance — and then coated in the colored material, meaning there are now two levels of waterproof materials protecting the fence. if aesthetics are not important, a plain galvanized fence will be fine, and it will save you money.


Be sure to check the gauge of the steel used for all chain link fence supplies. Some chain link fences are not meant for permanent installation, and the gauge of the steel is much thinner than more permanent fencing supplies. If thinner gauge fencing material is used for a permanent structure, you may find the fence bends, sags, or breaks prematurely. Choose an appropriate gauge steel for a permanent structure, even if it means spending more money up front on chain link fence supplies. In the long run, choosing the right materials will prevent replacement costs or repair costs.

Remember that tension bars and ties should all be galvanized as well, as these key pieces of the fence will often become the weakest link. If these pieces are not galvanized or of an appropriate gauge of steel, the fence is more likely to sag or break. Sometimes fences are galvanized with aluminum rather than zinc, but keep in mind that if any piece of the fence breaks and is exposed to the elements, the broken edges will rust. Zinc will prevent such rusting by forming a protective coating over the damaged piece, whereas aluminum will not.



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