How do I Choose the Best Ceramic Trivet?

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A ceramic trivet is meant to be placed under a hot dish so you can carry it without burning yourself, but it also is often used as a decoration. Thus, you should consider both functionality and appearance when selecting the best kind for you. For example, make sure the size and shape are appropriate for the dishes you have, because ill-fitting trivets can result in someone getting burned. It is also helpful for the theme and colors to match the rest of your kitchen, whether you plan to hang the trivet as decoration or only bring it out occasionally when serving food. In addition, you should look for trivets that feature convenient options, such as protective pads on the bottom and attached ribbon to hang them on the wall.


The typical ceramic trivet fits the average dish, but it is still advised that you measure your dishes anyway, in case they are odd sizes. Buying a trivet that is too small for the standard dish can cause you to burn yourself when serving food, defeating the purpose of this product. A large serving platter is just one example of a dish that might call for a larger trivet, while a saucer might require a smaller one. Additionally, note that while both circular and square trivets tend to fit round dishes, they may not be ideal for dishes that are oddly shaped. For example, an oval or rectangular dish tends not to work well with the typical trivet, so you may need to find one shaped specifically for these dishes.

Though trivets are considered practical tools to have in the kitchen, they are rarely plain. Many come with colorful images and unique designs that could be considered works of art, which is why many people choose to hang them on the wall when they are not using them. Thus, when you are choosing a ceramic trivet, consider the theme of your kitchen and be sure they match. For example, many trivets have images of wine bottles, animals, or flowers, to name some of the more popular themes. Choose a ceramic trivet you find appealing, whether you plan to hang it on your kitchen wall or stow it away until a special occasion comes up.

If you do plan to hang the trivet on the wall, buy one that is ready to be used for this purpose. Some trivets come with holes punched in one side and ribbon already threaded through for easy hanging. If you will likely use the ceramic trivet often when serving food, it is a good idea to get one with rubber padding on the bottom. This feature prevents it from scratching the surface of your table or counter. It also can protect your wall while hanging.



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