How do I Choose the Best Ceramic Space Heater?

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When shopping for the best ceramic space heater, consider its safety features, energy efficiency, output, temperature controls and ease of use. All reputable manufacturers' heaters bear a mark indicating that they meet safety standards. The relatively cool exterior of a ceramic space heater makes it a good choice if there are children or pets present who might otherwise suffer burns. Look for models that have a wide base, because they are less prone to being tipped over. A three-wire grounded electrical cord, a tip-over shutoff and an automatic high-temperature shutoff will also contribute to safer operation and reduce the chance of fires or electric shocks.

The ceramic space heater employs ceramic discs or plates with embedded heating wires to generate heat over a relatively wider area than conventional electric-coil space heaters, and as such, it is more energy-efficient. In evaluating the various models available, consider the size of the area you wish to heat and the degree to which you want to warm that space. Look for a heater that is rated at 10 watts for every square foot (0.093 square meters) that needs to be heated.


A ceramic space heater is often used during cold weather to augment other forms of heating equipment and to warm unheated or colder areas of the home or office. In many cases, using an electric space heater to "spot-heat" a limited area is more efficient than heating an entire home with a central heating system. This is especially true when the household system is of an older, non-efficient design.

The typical ceramic space heater is equipped with a thermostat to set the heater's output. A thermostat with more settings typically offers more control over the level of heating provided. Some models include a fan to disperse warm air over a wider area, and others include an oscillating mechanism so that the heater broadcasts warmth to a wider area.

Another feature found in some ceramic space heaters is a timer that automatically shuts off the heater after a designated period. Also consider the overall size of the heater and the space where you will put it. If you intend to place it under your desk, for example, a smaller model makes more sense.

There are many retail sources that offer ceramic space heaters in a wide range of prices. Check the Internet to find the prices and features that most closely match your needs and budget. Reading online consumer ratings and reviews can also help you find the best models and deals.



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