How Do I Choose the Best Case Management Software?

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To choose the best case management software, a company's decision makers need to first assess their current needs. Consideration should be given to what work tasks need to be accomplished with the case management software. Performing a gap analysis between actual needs and the company's current system's functions is essential. Consulting staff members, soliciting bid proposals from potential vendors, and evaluating pricing structures and built-in security measures are also part of the process.

Before a company solicits bid proposals from potential case management software vendors, it needs to conduct an analysis of what it wants that software to accomplish. By interviewing and consulting staff members who are directly involved with company workflow processes, the company can begin to determine what the current system is lacking. Those who are in charge of selecting a case software management package should also take into consideration any positions that may be eliminated or modified as a result of the new system's capabilities.

Different case management software packages can often eliminate the need for certain work groups and workflow tasks. The goals of choosing any case management program are to increase efficiency and achieve some degree of standardization. For example, some of the automated data entry functions in a case management software application may eliminate the need for low-level administrative support. Should positions need to be eliminated or responsibilities redefined as a result of implementation, it is important to address these concerns with employees prior to selecting a program.


Once a company has an idea of what it wants the case management program to accomplish, its decision makers can begin requesting bids from potential vendors. Part of this process involves researching a variety of vendors and programs. Much of the initial research can be conducted online, which will give the company an idea of available options and provide contact information for vendor representatives, who can give a more in-depth evaluation. Many of these applications are able to be customized according to specific needs.

Since case management software contains a database of information related to legal and medical case files, built-in security measures are extremely important. The level of encryption technology and authorized access methods that each application uses will be an additional consideration when selecting a suitable program. It is also important to think about compatibility with current computer hardware systems and other enterprise software applications that are in use. Typical learning curves will also need to be taken into account when selecting a case management program, since employees will need to be acclimated to the new system.



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