How Do I Choose the Best Carpet Steamer?

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A carpet steamer can help you keep your carpets clean whenever you like. When choosing a steamer, it is a good idea to read product reviews before you go shopping so you will know which models are reliable. Next, try to decide which features you might want your home steamer to have and determine whether they are also within your budget. Once you have decided on a particular model, look it over carefully so you will know if the tanks are easy to remove and fill.

You can find information about different carpet steamer models by reading consumer reviews on the Internet. It is also a good idea to visit the manufacturer's website in order to find out about warranty and repair information. You can also talk to other people who have recently purchased a steam cleaner in order to find out what they like best about a particular type.

After you have researched several models, the next step is choosing a steamer that best suits your needs. You can buy small hand-held models, which might be best if you only need to clean very small areas. A larger upright carpet steamer could be a better choice if you need to clean several rooms or plan on using a steamer often.


There are many different features available on a carpet steamer. Some may have a heating element which heats the water for you and keeps it warm. Others may have attachments for cleaning in tight spots or shampooing upholstery. If you need to remove stains, you might want to consider a steamer with rotating brushes. All of these features can add significantly to the cost of the machine, so it is important to develop a budget for a home steamer so you won't end up spending more than you can afford.

It may take some time to get used to using a home steamer, especially if you have never done so before. While you are in the store, try to get a feel for the appliance so you will know if it will be cumbersome to use. Check the position of the handle and note whether it can be changed for your personal comfort. You should also check to see where the tanks are located and make sure they are easy to fill and remove. Doing so will help ensure you are able to use the machine comfortably, allowing you to clean carpets at your leisure rather than hiring a professional.



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