How Do I Choose the Best Career Counseling?

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Choosing the right career counseling is important if you want to explore your options and identify career options that are in line with your skill set, experience, and aptitudes. While career counseling is usually thought of as something that occurs while in high school or college, the fact is that this type of counseling is also provided to adults who are in the process of changing careers at later points in their working lives. In order to choose the right counselor, it is often a good idea to look into the credentials that each counselor holds and also get some feedback from others as to the quality of the assistance rendered.

Career counselors are found in a variety of settings. Most vocational and trade schools will have a staff of vocational counselors that are able to help students assess their abilities and identify what type of work may be a good fit for those abilities. Career counselors at colleges and universities also often provide similar support, allowing students to get some idea of what type of formal education to pursue. There are also independent career counseling services that are very helpful for people who have been displaced in their current careers and need assistance in identifying other career paths that may be suitable.


In any setting, it is important to make sure the career counseling is likely to be helpful in identifying and developing a plan of action to pursue the most viable career path. Investigating the credentials of the career counselors is often a good place to begin, since knowing the educational background of the counselor provides some idea of whether or not the individual has sufficient training to be of assistance. Along with credentials, it is also a good idea to look into the reputation of the counseling service. This can be managed by asking others their opinions of the advice offered by the counselors associated with a given service, as well as looking for comments online.

One key factor in choosing the best career counseling feeling comfortable with your counselor. The ability to easily communicate will greatly increase the chances of successfully identifying career paths that are likely to be of interest. Avoid counselors who do not ask questions or appear to be uninterested in the responses and focus attention on counselors who take the time to find out what you think, the skills and interests you have and at least some information about your background. These are all signs of a counselor who is willing to invest time and effort in helping you identify career options that are both appealing and are in line with your interests and aptitudes.



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@ocelot60- I think that the best person for your niece to go to first for future career advice is her academic adviser. All students have advisers within their programs who are able to direct them throughout their college years and beyond. Counseling students about future career choices is part of what these advisers do.

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My niece is going into her sophomore year in college, and I want to help her get the best advice so she is ready to transition into the working world when she graduates. What advice should I give her so she finds the best career guidance while she is still in school?

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