How do I Choose the Best Car Accident Injury Lawyer?

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Be careful when accepting referrals for a car accident injury lawyer from someone you do not know very well because the individual may have a recruitment arrangement with the lawyer. When you are searching for representation, if you plan to take your case to trial or you have special circumstances, make sure to search for a lawyer with relevant experience. Before finalizing your choice, try your best to determine whether the lawyer shows genuine interest in your case, has a caseload that will allow him or her to accommodate you adequately, and plans to handle your case according to your wishes.

You may be wondering where you should begin looking for a car accident injury lawyer. Referrals are usually a good source, but you must be careful when taking advice from people you only know casually. In some instances, lawyers make arrangements with former clients to get their assistance in helping to recruit new clients. When there are vested interests in a referral, some of the information that you receive may be unreliable.

In the U.S., most personal injury cases that result from car accidents are settled out of court. The same may be true in other countries. There are some cases, however, that are best settled in court. If you have one of these cases and you live in a jurisdiction where out-of-court settlements are most popular, be sure that you choose a car accident injury lawyer who has sufficient trial experience.


It is also important to make sure that the car accident injury lawyer you choose is qualified to handle your case if special circumstances exist. Examples of cases that may require special expertise include those involving permanent or long-term conditions or those involving foreign defendants. If you are considering a lawyer who has never handled such as case, you may want to think twice about being a first.

It is common practice for personal injury lawyers to be paid a percentage of their clients’ awards. This leads many people to prematurely assume that a lawyer will do the best work possible on their cases since he or she has a stake in the outcome. In many instances, however, lawyers who are paid in this manner are more concerned with the number of cases they have because nominal compensation from each results in a decent income. Make sure that the car accident injury lawyer you choose has a manageable caseload and a real desire to help you.

Also make sure that your legal representative recognizes that you are the client and that he or she is there to serve your best interests and wishes. Although the lawyer should have the legal expertise necessary to handle your case, you need someone who will advise you but allow final decisions to be yours. If you sense that the car accident injury lawyer you are considering has an agenda already outlined for your case, search for another legal representative. If the lawyer displays a lack of cooperation after he or she is hired, you should strongly consider firing him or her.



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I just spoke with an accident injury lawyer in Edmonton last week. Probably the most pleasant experience I've had since the crash. Not looking forward to what comes next, though.

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