How do I Choose the Best Cancer Treatment?

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Choosing the best cancer treatment is difficult because there are many different variables involved. Generally, the best way to choose a cancer treatment is in consultation with a doctor. Different medications, chemotherapy, and even experimental treatments can be involved. Supplementing these treatments with alternative medicine with a doctor's permission can be helpful, particularly if you include therapy as part of supplemental treatment. Given that treatment options depend on the person involved, the type of cancer, and the stage of the cancer, there is no single best cancer treatment plan.

The best cancer treatment is almost always the one recommended by a doctor. Usually, this involves chemotherapy and medication, and surgery may be involved as well. Specifics concerning the treatment depend almost entirely on the case and may make one cancer treatment very different than another. Neither treatment is necessarily better.

In some cases, the best cancer treatment may be experimental. For some patients, this treatment may be the best treatment, but for others it may fail to work at all. Side effects may be too dire, or the treatment may simply fail. Doctors can typically explain the best possible treatment, even if that treatment is unsuitable for a specific case due to insurance or other monetary factors.


While a person might wish to pursue an alternative cancer treatment, this type of treatment should never take the place of medical care. It is not possible to cure cancer through alternative medicine, be it herbal or otherwise. As long as alternative medicine does not interfere with your treatment plan, any medicine that makes a cancer patient more optimistic or feel better has a good chance of improving the existing program, which can help form the best cancer treatment plan.

Most people believe that the best cancer treatment is a comprehensive plan that cares not only for the body but also the mind of the cancer patient. People who have a strong network of social support and have reasonable expectations about treatment often fare better and recover faster than those who don't. Attending support groups, going to therapy, and staying involved with your life are all important aspects of cancer treatment.

The precise combination of elements that create the best cancer treatment for a specific patient will always be different, and it is not always possible to determine the perfect cancer treatment on the first try. Treatment may need to be adjusted or changed altogether as the cancer changes. Part of finding a good cancer treatment is understanding the cancer treatment, so it is a good idea to discuss all developments with your doctor thoroughly.



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