How Do I Choose the Best California King Bed Frame?

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The California king bed frame has become popular in many parts of the world, especially for tall users who need extra leg room, as the California king is longer than a regular king mattress and frame. Choosing the best California king bed frame starts with ensuring the mattress you own is indeed a California king. It is often possible to buy the mattress and frame together, avoiding any mismatched components that may lead to instability. If you are buying a new frame for an existing mattress, consider your budget, aesthetic desires, and structural needs.

The cost of a California king bed frame can vary significantly based on its features and the materials used to build it. Hardwoods tend to be the most expensive building materials because they are naturally durable, not to mention exceptionally beautiful. If budget is not an issue, a California king bed frame made from a hardwood such as oak or mahogany is a great choice. Softwoods tend to be far less expensive, but also less durable. Softwoods such as pine can be susceptible to water damage and bug infestation, not to mention warping and cracking.


Try to choose a California king bed frame that will suit your needs, but also one that will fit comfortably in your bedroom. If you choose a frame with a headboard and footboard, for example, keep in mind that this type of frame will take up more space in a bedroom than a simple steel frame without a headboard and footboard. Simple, collapsible steel frames are usually the least expensive options, and they take up no extra space in the room, but they also tend to be aesthetically unappealing. They are usually not the most stable options either, so some wobble or play is likely when you put weight on the bed.

If storage is an important consideration, look for a California king bed frame that features slide-out drawers underneath the mattress, or even cubbies built into the headboard. A platform bed frame is designed to be used with a mattress only, meaning a box spring is not necessary. This frees up space beneath the mattress for additional storage possibilities, though some platform bed frames simply sit lower to the ground instead of opening up space beneath the mattress. Choose the style that suits your needs best, and remember that if you do not use a platform bed frame, you will need to use a box spring; otherwise, the mattress will not be supported and can sag.



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