How Do I Choose the Best CAD Courses?

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There are a number of different ways in which you can learn computer-aided drafting (CAD), so you should consider your options to choose the best CAD courses for you. If you are interested in acquiring a degree, such as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, then you should look for a college or university that is an accredited degree-granting institution and offers courses in CAD. There are also a number of programs at technical schools that do not result in a degree, but can prepare and certify you for working with CAD, and these programs may be preferable in some situations. You can also choose CAD courses online, which may provide free guidance in using CAD software or require that you purchase expensive software.

CAD courses are classes that can help you learn how to use CAD software for engineering, architecture, and commercial design. These courses can be offered from a number of different schools and taken in a variety of ways. You should consider your options and choose the best CAD courses for your needs.


Colleges and universities frequently offer CAD courses as part of a degree in architecture or engineering. If you are interested in gaining a degree of any kind while learning to use CAD software, then these types of courses are often your best choice. Most schools of this kind have numerous prerequisites prior to taking CAD courses, however, so this is not necessarily the best option for ongoing professional training or similar needs. If you do attend this type of college or university, you should look for a school that is accredited by an appropriate organization in your country.

There are also numerous technical schools and similar organizations that offer CAD courses either in a classroom or online. These courses often do not have prerequisites, but also do not result in you gaining a degree. If you are interested in learning to use CAD for ongoing professional development, without the need for a degree, then these are often useful classes. You should be aware of any requirements for online classes, however, as you may need to purchase fairly expensive software and hardware to utilize these courses.

Numerous online tutorials are also available that can help you learn to use CAD software. These often provide step-by-step instructions on how to use different features within a CAD program, and can provide you with computer files you can use to follow the tutorial and create your own work. Such tutorials do not always offer much in the way of support, however, so these types of informal CAD courses can be difficult for those just learning to use such software. Unlike schools that provide you with software to use in a classroom, these tutorials also require that you have access to CAD software on your own.



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