How do I Choose the Best Business Surveillance System?

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A surveillance system is used to monitor and often to record a certain area for the purpose of security and safety. These systems are used in a number of different kinds of business, including retail stores, corporate buildings, and factories and warehouses. In order to choose the best business surveillance system, it can first be helpful to determine the size of your business and features you require in a surveillance system. Other factors to consider are the cost and the quality of the different systems.

Different businesses have need for different kinds of systems. A network business surveillance system is one that allows for the placement of many different cameras at different locations. Information from each of the cameras passes through a server. The many cameras enable the user to view a number of different events from different angles and perspectives using only one monitor. This kind of system is often utilized by business owners, managers, and security agents who are responsible for surveillance of a relatively large area.

A business surveillance system in which cameras are run through a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is commonly utilized by smaller businesses with less area to monitor. Too many cameras running through a DVR can cause the quality of the recording to decrease. In other cases, too much data can cause the DVR to malfunction.


Features vary from business surveillance system to system. The best system for your needs will likely be the one that increases your security to a reasonable level without making maintenance of the system too onerous. Motion detection is available in many systems. This feature allows the video surveillance system to record only when movement is detected. This is a feature that might be useful for a more fragile system, such as a DVR, since it does not require it to continually record.

Other systems may include alarms that notify law enforcement officials when an intruder is detected. A signal is sent to the proper authorities and may also ring within the premises in order to scare away the intruder. Law enforcement officials commonly use the video recorded by the system to identify the intruder and to learn about motivation and other factors that might affect the nature of the crime.

Cost and quality also vary among different business surveillance systems. To choose the best, it might be a good idea to balance the two factors so that you get a reliable system that you can fit into your budget. Many business owners, managers, and security professionals prefer to ask colleagues for recommendations. Others may use customer and client reviews and ratings as helpful tools.



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