How do I Choose the Best Bouncy Baby Chair?

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A bouncy baby chair can provide a safe place for your infant to sit while also helping him relax and fall asleep. You do not need to spend a great deal of money on one of these chairs in order to get one that will do accomplish these tasks. Look for a solid frame and straps that can be securely fastened to keep your baby restrained. Check for any recalls by calling the manufacturer or visiting the company's website. Let your baby sit in one of these seats if possible and try out any special features, such as vibrating cushions or toys.

Most bouncing baby seats are made from aluminum. Look at the frame to make sure it is solidly constructed. Avoid any that have weak joints, as they could buckle under the weight of your infant. Make sure any screws in the frame are securely attached.

A baby is normally secured in a bouncy baby chair with Velcro® straps. There should ideally be a section that goes between the infant's legs and then fastens around his waist. Make sure these are sewn onto the cover with solid stitching so they will not come loose. Check to see that the Velcro® is not worn out and holds securely.


Make sure there are no safety recalls on the bouncy baby chair you are considering. Check with the retailer for a list of recent recalls on the product. If such a list is unavailable, call the manufacturer of the seat or look at their website in order to determine if the chair you like has been declared unsafe.

The best way to know what bouncy baby chair is best for your child is to let him sit in it. Place your baby in the seat and fasten him in. Bounce the chair lightly up and down and notice if he seems to be calm and comfortable. Try several different models in order to get an idea of which one your baby prefers.

While your baby is sitting in the bouncer, try out any special features the bouncy baby chair might have. If the chair plays music or vibrates, turn the switches on and gauge your child's reaction. Pay special attention to whether or not he likes the toys on the seat, or if they seem to get in his way.

It is important to remember that your child will only use a bouncy baby chair for a short period. This means you may not need to buy one, especially if you also have a baby swing. Many different models are available, so choosing one that is affordable and suits your infant’s needs can be easy for you to do.



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