How Do I Choose the Best Bonded Leather Chair?

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A bonded leather chair is one that is made from a single piece of leather that is connected with an adhesive. In most cases, bonded leather is lined on the outside with polyurethane. This kind of furniture tends to be significantly less expensive than furniture that is marketed as genuine leather. To choose the best bonded leather chair, you should first set a budget for yourself. If you are unsure about prices, you might want to do a little Internet and catalog shopping. Browse models that seem to be in styles in which you are interested and mark down their prices so that you can get a general sense of how much to budget.

If you fear that the kind of bonded leather chair you like is too expensive, you might want to consider an alternate option. A used chair can be much less costly and can still be in very good shape. Check websites where individuals are allowed to post their used furniture. You might also want to read local classifieds in community newspapers.


For many people, the color of a bonded leather chair is one of the most important factors to consider. If you have children and it is common to have spills in your home, you can choose darker colors. A spill of grape juice, for example, on a white bonded leather chair can be extremely difficult to remove. Stains on black or brown chairs, on the other hand, might not show at all.

When choosing a color for your bonded leather chair, you should also consider the style of your home. Take inventory of the ornaments and items in the room where you plan to place the new chair. Aside from matching colors you might also want to consider the feel of a chair. A room with a cozy den feel might require a chair that is quite different from a piece in a room with an urban modern feel.

While many consumers believe that shopping online can provide a person with the best deals, you might want to buy your bonded leather chair from a conventional store. It can be a good idea to sit in a chair before you settle on it. For most people, the comfort of a chair is one of the more important factors.

Some people, however, have a great deal of trust in particular brands. If you prefer furniture from a certain designer or manufacturer because you only have had good experiences with their products, you might feel comfortable ordering a bonded leather chair online. Make sure you use a vendor that you trust and which offers a reasonable return policy.



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