How Do I Choose the Best Boil-In-Bag Rice?

One of the most convenient, easiest, and quickest types of rice to make is boil-in-bag rice. When choosing the best boil-in-bag rice, you should first decide which type of rice you prefer, whether it is simple white rice or a different type of rice. If you are on a high-fiber diet, you may want to choose a whole grain rice. This type of instant rice also comes in different flavors to accommodate nearly everyone's tastes. You should also read the nutrition facts and the directions before you make a final decision.

Boil-in-bag rice is one of the easiest types of instant rice to make. This parboiled rice comes in a heatproof bag that has several holes poked in it. To cook this rice, the bags are lowered into boiling water, which gets into the bags through the holes. When the rice is done cooking, the bags can be lifted out of the pot of water by inserting the tines of a fork into a small cut on the top of the bag.

Although the most common type of boil-in-bag rice is white rice, it is not the only choice. Brown rice is also available in these convenient bags. This type of rice is generally healthier than regular white rice. It usually contains more nutrients and fiber than white rice, for instance.

Other types of rice are also available as boil-in-bag rice, including wild rice. Jasmine rice and basmati rice can also be found in bags. These types of rice have a slightly different tastes and textures than other types of rice.

Flavored boil-in-bag rice is also available. These usually have artificial flavor packets that must be added after the rice is done cooking and has been removed from the bag. Although this type of rice is much more flavorful, it is also usually unhealthier.

Before deciding on which boil-in-bag rice to try, you should first examine the nutrition facts on the label, especially if you are on a strict diet. Some of these types of rice can be high in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Flavored rice mixes, for example, are often high in sodium, fat, cholesterol.

You should also look at the preparation instructions for any boil-in-bag rice you plan to purchase. Some of these types of rice must be made on the stove in a pan, while others can be made in the microwave if necessary. Microwave boil-in-bag rice is an excellent choice if you prefer to have some of your stove burners free while cooking.


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