How Do I Choose the Best Body Piercing Courses?

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When selecting body piercing courses, you should consider the laws regarding licensure or registration as a body piercer in your area, your own experience as a body piercer, and whether taking a particular course or courses is something that you can afford. While body piercing is often taught in the context of an apprenticeship, it is also possible to attend body piercing courses at schools, workshops, and even online. In addition to learning the mechanics of body piercing, some courses teach aspiring or current body piercers sanitary procedures that help ensure the health and well-being of their clients.

Although body piercing may not yet be considered mainstream, it has increased in popularity over the years. In response to this, many jurisdictions now regulate its practice. If you are interested in taking body piercing courses, you should first find out whether body piercers must complete training before being licensed to practice. You may, for example, have to complete a course that teaches you hygiene and infection-control best practices. These courses may also provide you with detailed information on the laws and regulations governing piercing in your area.

To enroll in a course required for licensure, ask the licensing board for a list of approved course providers. Typically, these courses follow a similar curriculum, though you may find that some schools have a better reputation than others. There can also be a significant difference in price and course schedules, which you may wish to take into consideration.


If your goal in taking body piercing courses is to actually learn the art of body piercing, you may wish to first seek out an apprenticeship with an experienced piercer in your area. If this doesn't work for you, you may be able to find a school that teaches body piercing or attend a body piercing workshop. Before investing in a class or workshop, ask members of the local piercing community about the reputation of a school or instructor. You should also find out whether the course includes the training required by your area's licensing board or whether you will need to obtain safety and hygiene training elsewhere.

Other practical considerations include the cost of a course as well as whether you will be able to attend the course while also meeting your work and family responsibilities. In some cases, you may have the option of attending an intensive workshop over a long weekend, so you may need to figure the cost of travel in with the actual course tuition. Some body piercing courses are taught online and can provide you with a thorough overview of many of the principles of body piercing and safety, though you will likely want to obtain hands-on training in addition to taking a distance learning course.



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