How Do I Choose the Best Blush Brushes?

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Using the best blush brushes will make your blush application appear flawless. Knowing how to choose the best blush brushes for your needs — and for the type of blush you will be applying — can seem overwhelming to some people because there are so many options. Being aware of the different types of brushes and what each type offers will help you make a choice with which you will be satisfied. Some of the things to consider when choosing the best blush brushes include the blush that you use, the shape of the brushes and whether you want natural or synthetic bristles.

To aid in finding the best blush brushes for you, it is important to be aware of what type of blush you will be applying prior to purchasing brushes. A pressed powder blush, for example, will require a type of brush that is different from the type needed for a loose powder blush. Check the type of blush you have before heading out to shop.


Regardless of the type of blush you use, an angled contour brush is most often the best choice. This type of brush allows you to expertly apply blush to the contours of your face. If you are not able to identify the different shapes of brushes, head to a major department store where you can have a beauty consultant show you the types of brushes and explain the difference in their shapes so that you have a clear understanding of what each type looks like.

Blush brushes' bristles can be made with natural hair or synthetic hair. The type of hair you want on your blush brushes often depends on your personal preference. It is best to try both types of brushes with the kind of blush you regularly use to help you make a choice with which you will be happy.

Sometimes, a blush brush is retractable and comes in a case. This allows you to retract the brush into its case after using it. The advantage of this type of brush is that it allows you to take it with you in a purse or makeup bag without in any way soiling your carrying case. For a person who is often on the go, this can prove to be the best blush brush.

Decide what your budget is before beginning your shopping experience. The best blush brushes range greatly in price. Knowing the price range that you can shop within will aid in you choosing a brush you can actually afford instead of finding one that you really like and then realizing that it is not within your budget.



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