How Do I Choose the Best Blackhead Scrub?

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Blackhead scrubs are made to exfoliate the skin, open the skin's pores, and release the blackhead. Choosing the best scrub depends on the type of skin you have and the number and severity of the blackheads. These scrubs slough away the impurities on the surface of the skin, and the difference between the various blackhead scrubs lies in the type of exfoliate and additional ingredients in the formula.

Choosing the best blackhead scrub depends on your skin type. Those with very sensitive skin or a skin condition like rosacea, should usually not use a scrub of any kind as it can cause further irritation. Both the chemicals in a blackhead scrub and the exfoliating granules themselves can aggravate the skin. Normal and dry skin can typically withstand coarser exfoliates.

Unless you can try a sample of the scrub, there is no way to ascertain the size of the granules. Even so, many companies include the list of ingredients used in the formula on the blackhead scrub packaging. Avoid alcohol and menthol as they can cause irritation, as well as pumice and walnut shells, which can over-exfoliate the skin.

Some blackhead scrubs are made to be used daily, but most are made for weekly use. The ones made for daily use typically have smaller exfoliating granules and are more gentle on the skin. A blackhead scrub made for weekly use has coarser granules. Although individuals with very few or very mild blackheads may use a weekly scrub, those with recurring blackheads typically need to use a scrub more often.

Usually, natural ingredients are more gentle and can be used more often than synthetic chemicals. Oatmeal is an especially good scrub, since it both exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, and rarely causes over-drying. You can purchase oatmeal scrubs or make them at home using one of the many homemade blackhead scrubs found in home beauty books and on websites. A homemade scrub is typically cheaper than a store bought scrub, although it is usually not shelf stable and must be stored in the refrigerator.

Even after you consider the ingredients of a scrub and whether it is intended for daily or weekly use, you may have to try several scrubs before finding the one that is right for you. Be sure to purchase products that are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers will refund the cost of the item if it is unsatisfactory or causes irritation to the skin.


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