How Do I Choose the Best Biologist Job?

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There are a lot of different types of biologist jobs available, and choosing the best one can depend on your own personality and interests. The type of education and training you have can also affect what types of biologist jobs you will qualify for, as well, so make sure to take that under consideration. If you dream of coming up with new scientific breakthroughs, then a research biologist job would be the best match for you. Biologist jobs also exist in the healthcare industry, environmental sector, and many other areas of business. You may also want to consider a job as a teacher, or even as a political adviser.

Biologists are scientists who are devoted to the study of life, in both microscopic and macroscopic contexts. Since that is a pretty wide definition, there are a lot of different jobs in many different industries that are open to biologists. High level biologist jobs typically require advanced graduate degrees, others require a bachelor's degree, and some require no formal post-secondary education at all. That means the process of choosing the best biologist job can depend on both your personal interests and your level of education.


In order to decide on the best biologist job, you may want to think about your own personality and interests. Due to the wide variety of jobs available, that can help you narrow down the best sector to work in. Research biologists can work in a number of different industries, including emerging fields such as biotechnology. An applied research biologist job may be an excellent fit if you believe you would be good at identifying business applications for your research, and then explaining things to non-scientists.

Research biologists can also work in the health care industry, though the jobs in that sector are not limited to the development of new pharmaceuticals. Biologists in the health care industry are often involved in creating public health campaigns, which can raise awareness about transmittable diseases and other health issues. If you would prefer that type of work, then a job in the health care industry might be a good choice.

If you have a strong interest in environmental conservation, then you may want to consider a biologist job in that sector. Biologists who are engaged in environmental conservation and management can work for parks departments, zoos, and private companies as well. Private companies and landowners often require the services of environmental biologists to develop and implement land management plans.

Education is another career path that is open to biologists who have earned the necessary degrees. If you love biology, and would enjoy the chance to teach other people about the subject, then you may want to consider becoming an educator. A bachelor's degree in biology will usually prepare you to become a high school biology teacher, and you will typically be able to get teaching experience at the college level if you decide to pursue a more advanced degree. Museums, parks, and other similar facilities commonly employ biologists to teach people about the natural world as well.



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