How do I Choose the Best Binge Eating Disorder Treatment?

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If you suffer from binge eating disorder, it may be time to get treatment. One of the first types of binge eating disorder treatment to consider is psychotherapy, which usually tries to pinpoint the underlying cause of the disorder. Some people also need to treat their concurrent addiction to drugs or alcohol, as many people suffering from an eating disorder use mind altering substances, as well. Finally, you should consider a binge eating disorder treatment that deals with the physical problems associated with this disease, especially if you are at an unhealthy weight.

Most centers providing eating disorders treatment offer psychotherapy, as this is one of the most popular solutions. Typically, this involves meeting with a therapist to try to discover possible underlying causes. You may also be encouraged to join a support group, in which other people undergoing binge eating disorder treatment discuss their experience with this disease. This may help you identify underlying problems that led to the disorder, or at least help you feel like you are not alone. Therapists also often teach ways for you to cope with stress or sadness so that you do not turn to binge eating in order to deal with emotions.


Many people suffering from an eating disorder also rely on mind altering substances to escape their frame of mind, such as drugs or alcohol. If this describes you, it may be a good idea to find a doctor or eating disorders treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment. This can allow you to consider the underlying reasons that you use drugs or alcohol, helping you to get rid of this habit while also completing binge eating disorder treatment. This method is especially helpful if you face physical issues due to both the mind altering substances and the binge eating, as it is important to get fast treatment for both addictions.

A lot of people who constantly binge eat are overweight or even obese, leading to major health problems. If you are significantly above a healthy weight for your height, you face medical complications that range from heart problems to difficulty breathing, making it crucial that you start losing weight as soon as possible. Therefore, it is often a good idea to consider ways to begin losing weight in a healthy way, while getting treated for binge eating. The typical binge eating disorder treatment center offers help with losing weight through either diet and exercise, or gastrointestinal surgery, which shrinks the stomach within months. Of course, you need to first stop the habit of eating too much, such as through therapy, in order for the weight to stay off long-term.



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