How do I Choose the Best Billing and Coding Classes?

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Health care jobs and medical coding and billing careers are among some of the fastest growing opportunities in the medical field. If you are seeking work in medical billing and coding, you may be trying to decide how to choose the most practical and affordable billing and coding classes. In order to get the best education it’s important to consider carefully the qualities of the best billing and coding schools or programs so that you will be able to find a good job after graduation.

Just as it makes sense for any career path, when evaluating medical billing and coding classes, it’s always a good idea to start researching the types of medical coder jobs desired. One good way is to contact the companies that offer this kind of work and inquire as to what the requirements are for medical billing and coding classes. That will provide certain programs and coursework to target in your search for quality learning.


When choosing a medical billing and coding education, look for schools that are accredited and offer the required certificate or degree at completion of the program. Many companies have a minimum requirement of a certificate while others require an actual degree before employment can be offered. A school that is accredited means that it has met certain industry standards and can teach medical billing and coding classes to paying students. Generally being accredited also means you may be eligible for grants, scholarships and loans to pay for the billing and coding classes.

Medical billing and coding classes should include a thorough review of ICD-9 codes, which are the health insurance codes used by medical providers for recording important medical treatment and diagnosis information. Knowing what the ICD-9 codes mean on patient charts and reports and being able to translate those codes for medical billing purposes is what a medical billing and coding job entails. Not having a solid understanding of ICD-9 codes can cause incorrect medical bills and poor performance on the job.

When choosing the medical billing and coding classes, it’s important to consider the length of time to completion. Depending on what level of employment is desired, certain billing and coding courses and skills may be completed after employment begins or can be learned while in a health care job. In some cases, a student of an approved medical billing or coding school may be able to work part-time or as an intern while in school in order to pay for classes, graduate and start a career sooner.



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