How Do I Choose the Best Bespoke Gates?

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To choose the best bespoke gates, you should make a list of everything that's important to your particular gate needs, then compare it against offerings provided by custom gate companies. Important considerations include gate usage, location, design, and features like automation. Additional concerns include security, safety, and price. Once you narrow down everything you need for your custom gates, you can begin to shop around.

Determining what type of gates to have installed depends on their usage and location. Driveway entrance gates, pool gates, garden gates, and side gates each have a different function. They will need to be designed in different shapes and sizes depending on the layout of your property. Your entire property can be done as a total package, but each custom gate also needs to be assessed individually.

Another factor that determines the best gate design is how you want your bespoke gates to look. Designs for antique gates, modern gates, or generic gates can vary widely, and materials can range from wood, to wrought iron, to stainless steel, to various polymers. Within each material category, there might be different individual style choices. It helps to begin comparing the possibilities for what style you want by browsing the online marketplace. Unless you know exactly what you want, arriving at aesthetic specifications might require some comparison.


Most bespoke gates for driveway entrances can be opened automatically using a remote and keypad. There are a lot of automation options from which to choose, and it's useful to note that large and specialized gates made of heavy materials might require a bigger motor. If your automatic custom gates aren't going to be near a power source, you might need alternative energy like solar power.

Bespoke gates come with a wide variety of security and safety features. An alarm or camera system can be installed on your gates, allowing you to monitor for both security and safety. You can watch for intruders and also keep an eye on areas like pools. Security and safety features will depend on your neighborhood, what is around your house or business, and whether you have children or pets.

A final concern when choosing bespoke gates are local building permits, codes, and restrictions. Before you have anything custom made, make sure you know what you're permitted to install. When pricing companies, look for free quotes and estimates, and make sure your chosen company knows all your local laws.



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