How Do I Choose the Best Bespoke Door?

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To choose the best bespoke door, think first about where and how your door will be used. Then narrow down your options by deciding what you want your door to be made of and how you want it to look. Shop around specifications and door plans and compare favorite door designs against your budget. Finally, make sure you're getting the best warranty from a door maker that you can trust.

Whether your bespoke door is for the inside or outside will determine a lot when thinking about where and how your new door will be used. External doors need to be resistant to the weather and intruders, so they're generally thicker and more expensive than internal doors. If your external door a front door, or the main entrance to your home or business, you might desire a more expensive or elaborate design.

External back doors, sliding porch doors, or doors to outbuildings such as barns, workshops, pool houses, and carriage houses will each have their own special considerations. While a grand entrance might be appropriate for the front door, any number of designs might be better suited elsewhere. Attempt, if possible, to create a photo in which you can mix and match doors to see what you like best.


An inside bespoke door, on the other hand, will most likely be simpler; however, there are still many design and style considerations. You might be interested in a French doors, or a dutch door divided horizontally, allowing you to open just the top or bottom. The number of styles for internal doors is just as great as it is for external doors.

Inside and outside doors come in choices that range from classic, Tudor, and Victorian to rustic, Tuscan, and art deco. Each company will have its own names for the particular styles it makes. If you have your own bespoke door design, look for a company that allows you to use their resources to create it. Some companies only work with templates; while others specialize in truly custom door options.

How your doors look is up to you, and online research can help you make a decision if you're not sure where to start. Most companies have fairly standard, generic door options, as well as unique offerings such as castle doors. Materials include glass, metal, and many types of wood. Some companies offer true solid wood doors custom handcrafted from solid timbers. One can find options such as hand-forged wrought iron and stained or leaded glass.

External doors will often have a special core, and it's generally the exterior surface that one pays the most for. If security, weather, or fire are a concern, inquire about how your door is constructed and rated. Always look for free estimates, and if you're planning to design your bespoke door yourself, look for free design help. Many door makers offer a lifetime warranty, and given the expense of buying a bespoke door, expect nothing less and demand only the highest quality.



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