How do I Choose the Best Beekeeping Supplies?

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When looking at beekeeping supplies, you should consider what your needs are, do some research into what is out there, and find what really fits your needs. If you are just looking to do some beekeeping as a hobby, then your needs will probably be somewhat less intense than someone who wants to produce honey for sale as a profession. At all times, you should also consider safety, as you want beekeeping supplies that will be safe for you and safe for your bees.

If you are just starting out, you should consider looking into a package or kit that will provide you with everything you need to begin. If, on the other hand, you are looking for some specific pieces to upgrade or replace, then you should look for the highest quality of those pieces and not necessarily something larger. For a beginner, the quality of the beekeeping supplies first purchased should be high to allow you to get off to the best start possible.


Consider the hive — the heart and soul of your beekeeping operation. The colony of bees within the hive should be your top priority, and so the sort of materials you use to make their home is important. Consider using polystyrene hives and feeders, instead of the traditional wooden structures. These materials can often be less expensive and provide numerous features that wood does not, such as assembly that does not require nails or glue. The hive should be treated with two coats of exterior latex paint for added durability.

You should decide whether you want a two-story or a three-story hive structure as you consider the beekeeping supplies that you will need. If you live in a cold climate, or have been experiencing somewhat more severe winters lately, then you may want to consider purchasing some thermal wrap for your hive. This is often designed with thousands of tiny holes for proper ventilation, but helps ensure your colony remains a more comfortable temperature.

The center of your beekeeping operation may be the colony, but the center of the colony is the queen. Research different queens to see which types produce better colonies and can make your experience easier. Most places that offer beekeeping supplies can also offer queen bees. Finding a location in your area to sell you bees avoids the need of postal deliveries that can create stress that often kills many bees in transit.

Think about yourself and your own safety as well. Be sure to use a suit that will keep you safe from stings. A full body suit made from a material such as a cotton and polyester blend will keep you protected from stings, while also keeping you from overheating. Also be sure to use leather gloves, as cloth and canvas gloves can often be penetrated by a bee’s stinger.



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