How do I Choose the Best Bathroom Faucet?

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Choosing a bathroom faucet can be made simpler by categorizing the different looks available into modern, classic or versatile styles to find the best one to accent your bath's decor. Of course, choosing a faucet that works well with your bathroom sink is crucial. You should also weigh the pros and cons of single and double handled models.

Single handled bathroom faucets have a compact, sleek look that is especially suitable for modern bathrooms. They are available in different heights and finishes, so it's usually easy to find a single handled bathroom faucet you like. If being able to have a better control over water flow and temperature is more important to you than a sleek style, a two handled faucet may be a better choice. One handle for hot and one handle for cold water allow for much easier adjusting than when both functions are combined.

Consider your bathroom sink style and size so you'll be able to pick a faucet that is the right height. If a bathroom faucet is too low in relation to the sink, hand washing may be difficult and feel cramped. If the faucet is too high above the sink, it may hit the surface too hard which may allow water to splash the counter and mirror. Especially if you're considering a wall-mounted faucet, it's a good idea to have the advice of a professional plumbing contractor about proper installation. Wall-mounted bathroom faucets can add a modern touch to your decor.


If your style is more traditional, a sink faucet in a more classic or even old-fashioned design can be a good choice. Victorian faucets, with their spindle-like tap handles, can add a quaint look. If you have gold-toned metal bathroom accessories rather than silver-toned ones, a brass Victorian faucet may be an ideal choice. A goose neck bathroom faucet is a graceful, elegant type that is available in different finishes and can suit a lot of different interiors.

If you hope to create a peaceful, serene bathroom setting, a vessel faucet may work well. It features a partially open or glassed-in section that allows the flowing water to be visible from the upper part rather than only the lower edge of the tap. Visiting bathroom fixture showrooms in person can give you a good idea of exactly what features you prefer in a faucet. Doing this is also often an excellent way to adequately examine the latest looks and trends in bathroom faucets.



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