How do I Choose the Best Basement Furniture?

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The best basement furniture to choose is what will work the best for your needs. If the space serves as a family recreation area, tough, sturdy furniture pieces are best. For a home office, think about a matched set for a cohesive look. For a home theater basement space, consider the number of people you'll need to seat so that views won't be obstructed. Before you buy basement furniture, remember to take accurate measurements of the width of the entrance door as well as other doorways; it's also important to examine the angle needed to move pieces in and out of the space.

If you have a below-ground basement with a staircase, make sure a large sofa will be able to be easily moved through the entrance. If the stairs are only a few in number and the doorway is quite wide, the angle may work for fairly large basement furniture pieces. Otherwise, it's best to forget about overstuffed sofas and chairs in favor of streamlined or even folding pieces.


A sofa, or futon, with a top section that folds can be easy to fit inside even a quite narrow basement door. An added benefit is that the piece may also be used as a sofa bed for overnight guests. You could also add some lightweight easy chairs that complement the sofa. If you choose ottomans that can double as extra tables, you'll have some versatile, functional basement furniture. Versatile ottomans may also be able to be used for extra seating during a party.

If your basement has an open floor plan, you may want to create separate, distinct living spaces. Placing furniture within this type of plan can result in a neat, organized look to your basement that is also fully functional. Planning how you'll use the space is crucial before choosing any basement furniture. Depending on your needs and whether you have a kitchen area, you may want to organize the basement and furniture into theater, bar, office and children's play areas.

Once you choose the categories your household is likely to use the basement space for, choosing furniture can be very simple. Just think of how much area you have available for each section to make sure you'll have enough room to comfortably create the different areas. Making basement furniture crowd together isn't going to be either functional or attractive.



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