How do I Choose the Best Barista Job?

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A barista is supposed to be a skilled coffee artisan. When you are looking for a barista job, the first thing you should consider is the establishment’s attitude toward the position. For some businesses, barista is a marketing term to make their places sound fancy, while in reality, the management views the person in this position as a glorified cashier or coffee maker. You should try to steer clear of these jobs.

You should choose a café or coffeehouse that values the skill involved in being a barista. The esteem the business holds for its baristas should be outwardly displayed to the customers and during the interview process. That esteem should include encouragement and assistance in educating you about the products you will serve. It should also be shown by separating duties, such as coffee making and cashiering.

It is also important to choose a business that cares about the quality of the products it serves. Customers who appreciate the service you will provide may not be connoisseurs, but they are likely to know good coffee. If you take a barista job at a place that sells low-quality coffee and other cheap products while charging inflated prices, you may find yourself dealing with the stress of unsatisfied customers.


Carefully consider the location of the place that has the available barista job. If it is situated to serve a fast-paced crowd, you may want to look elsewhere for work. Otherwise, you will find yourself burdened by busy people who actually just want fast coffee. They will not consider that you are providing a skilled service and that the items they order take time to make. You may, therefore, find yourself constantly rushed and harassed.

Location is also important for economic reasons. You should look for a barista job in a place with refined and classy clientele. Many baristas expect tips to supplement their income. If you take a barista job in a place where people are skeptical or can barely afford the prices of their drinks, you are not likely to be impressed with your tips.

Also, look for benefits, such as medical insurance and vacation leave. This may be difficult to find in smaller cafés and coffeehouses. Owners may tell you benefits are not in the budget. If this is the case, think about the long term. Many businesses that cannot afford benefits also cannot afford descent pay increases.



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