How Do I Choose the Best Bariatric Chair?

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When choosing the best bariatric chair, consider where you may need the chair, such as in your home or place of business. You should also pay close attention to the quality of the chairs on offer, keeping in mind that even a bariatric chair will be limited in its ability to support a very large person. Another consideration is whether you wish to select a bariatric chair with a mechanism that can assist its user in getting up from the seated position. Finally, think about your budget and whether it is large enough to support the purchase of several high-quality bariatric chairs, if needed.

People who are very large or heavy may have difficulty using regular chairs. In some cases, they are simply too wide to comfortably fit in an average-sized chair, and in other cases their weight may damage or break the chair entirely. This is not only humiliating to the person who sits in the chair, but could result in injury if the chair collapses. To avoid such an unfortunate occurrence as well as potential litigation, it is important to purchase bariatric chairs that can accommodate your larger family members, employees, and customers.


Several companies specialize in the creation of oversized chairs. When reviewing product literature, make note of a chair's width as well as how much weight a chair can bear. These specifications are typically provided in product literature, but a salesperson may also be able to assist you in selecting the most appropriate item. If you expect to host very large people or believe that a family member will continue to gain weight, you may wish to select an extra-wide chair that can bear very heavy loads. You should also select chairs appropriate for specific needs, such as ergonomic chairs for office desks or comfortable, padded chairs for waiting rooms.

Other things to think about include the specific needs of a chair's user, such as mobility issues. For who do have problems getting in and out of a chair, a mechanism that can raise the chair forward can be of significant assistance in allowing a person to leave the chair without other assistance. If you are selecting a bariatric chair for a medical setting, you may also wish to choose one that has a wide enough seating area so that attendants can comfortably assist in moving a patient. Another consideration is portability and storage. Some companies sell bariatric chairs that can be stacked on top of each other when not in use.

Due to the special construction and materials needed to produce a bariatric chair, you may find that these chairs are expensive. When making a purchase, talk about your cost expectations with your salesperson so that you can select a high-quality chair that meets the needs of its users while also staying within your budget. You may find that if you buy multiple chairs at the same time, you can negotiate a quantity discount.



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