How Do I Choose the Best Barbecue Pork Marinade?

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Barbecue pork marinade can be made with a number of different ingredients depending on what you wish to include and whether you prefer homemade marinade over store-bought. Making the barbecue pork marinade at home allows you to select ingredients depending on your personal preferences, but buying a brand from the store saves you time. Your budget is also a consideration, as some marinades are pricier than others. Nutrition is another factor to consider in order to choose a barbecue pork marinade that meets your health needs.

Traditional barbecue marinade is often sweet and thick with ingredients such as ketchup, tomato paste, brown sugar, and bourbon. Vinegars can be added to provide a tangier and less sweet flavor, which is more of a marinade rather than a barbecue sauce. Peppers, such as cayenne, and other hot items, such as garlic, can be added if you prefer a spicier barbecue pork marinade. Salt and pepper are often included in recipes for barbecue pork, and additions such as soy sauce add a savory quality. Making the marinade yourself allows you to mix the ingredients according to your tastes and preferences, and you know the quality of the ingredients going into the mixture.


Purchasing a store-bought brand of barbecue pork marinade is often the best option if you do not have the time or ingredients to make the sauce yourself. Brands come in a variety of styles, flavors and price points so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. Read the ingredient label on the back if you are watching out for preservatives or want to ensure that the brand is organic. This can also help prevent any possible allergic reactions to anything on the ingredients list.

The label on the back also provides valuable information on the nutritional content of the barbecue pork marinade. Watch for marinades that are high in sodium, as this can be bad for your health, particularly if you are on a low-sodium diet. Budget is also important when purchasing a marinade as organic or small-batch marinades are likely more expensive than mass-produced items. Determine how much you want to spend before beginning to shop to narrow down certain varieties right away. The best marinade for you depends a lot on personal taste, but these factors can help you make a healthy and tasty choice during the selection process.



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