How do I Choose the Best Baby Gate with a Door?

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A baby gate with a door is often ideal for areas of the home with lots of foot traffic, as you can swing open the door instead of stepping over the gate. One of the first details to consider when shopping around is the material that it is made of. You should keep in mind that pets and teething babies may chew on the gate at some point, so choose material that is not likely to be ruined by this. The gate should also be the correct width to fit the intended doorway, as well as tall enough to keep your child from clambering over it. Finally, try to find a model that closes on its own, and which also allows you to open it with one hand.

Choosing a baby gate with a door that will last for years requires you to consider the best material for your situation. If you have pets that like to chew, know that a wooden gate is likely to get damaged with bite marks fairly quickly. Teething babies and curious toddlers may also bite the gate, so wood is likely not the best choice. Instead, consider metal or fiberglass, as neither pets nor babies will want to bite these harder materials. On the other hand, if you have no pets and have not noticed that your baby likes to bite things, then wood can be an attractive choice for a baby gate with a door.


One of the most important details of a safe baby gate is that it must fit the doorway snugly. Thus, it is important to measure your doorway before buying a gate. If you want the ability to use the gate in a few different doorways, you can buy an adjustable version, which features panels that you can add or remove as needed. Once you know that the width works for your home, make sure that the height works well for your child. Most toddlers can climb over short gates, so if your child has the ability to do so, choose a particularly tall gate.

While it is important to choose the best gate for both your home and child, you should also consider your personal preferences when buying. Think about the features on a baby gate with a door that would make your life easier. For example, some gates are easy to open with one hand, which you should double check at the store before you buy. In addition, some gates feature a spring-loaded door that swings shut on its own, so that you cannot forget to shut it behind you.



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