How do I Choose the Best Ayurveda Resorts?

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Choose the best Ayurveda resorts by first determining where you would like to travel and how long you’d like to stay. Explore the Ayurvedic treatment packages offered at different resorts and choose the ones that will be the most beneficial to you. Ultimately, choose the best Ayurveda resorts to visit based on what it is you hope to accomplish during your stay and which resorts offer the best facilities for your personal needs.

Ayurveda resorts can be found in exotic locales or some may be situated a bit closer to home. Spend some time locating different resorts and determine how far you’re willing to travel for a visit. Also, pay attention to how long each resort allows you to stay. Create a list of resorts in the areas you would like to visit and that offer packages closest to the amount of time you’d like to spend.

Most Ayurveda resorts operate websites to help familiarize you with their features, facilities and Ayurveda treatment packages, as well as offer pictures of the resort. Explore these websites online and read what each one has to offer visitors. Packages may include specific treatments for physical ailments or treatments that are more generally designed for overall mental and physical rejuvenation. Be sure to also read all of the staff bios that appear on a site in an attempt to find out how experienced each is with Ayurvedic medicine and any credentials they have earned.


While researching Ayurveda resorts, be very clear about what it is you hope to accomplish during a visit and narrow your list of facilities accordingly. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by attractive photos and extravagant resort details. While these things are important, if you are seeking a specific Ayurvedic treatment, the most important details you are looking for should relate to that treatment, as well as the education, experience, reputation and competency of the facility’s staff.

When you have a list of Ayurveda resorts that fit your standards, you can narrow your list by searching online forums and blogs to gather information about which ones have the best reputation for quality and excellence. Do not make your decision solely on the testimonials featured on Ayurveda resort sites, but visit third-party sites to make sure you are getting unbiased opinions. From your remaining list of Ayurveda resorts, choose the one that is the most affordable to your budget while still meeting your basic treatment desires and needs.



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